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:: On the Internet, No One Knows You’re An Idiot

It’s funny, really. i’ve never met most of the folks i prefer to deal with.

This morning i tried to help Matt out with his VPN. It involved me getting up early, (not difficult since every bird in Northern California decided to show up outside my window at 5 AM and try out their car alarm impressions) but it was the first time that i’ve actually spoken to him. As he pointed out, he was amazed to find out that i actually did exist and wasn’t merely a bit of bad gruel. i comforted him and told him that i was still a disembodied voice, but that i lived in a nice ranch in San Jose and spend my time inhabiting the heads of the folks down at the bus-stop.

He and JIM have actually met multiple times, which indicates that they either enjoy the experience, or that they both secretly imagine themselves to be Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, only they don’t live together, neither is that messy, and they both secretly believe that pigeons are secretly controlling various government officials.

The insane thing is that i knew Steve back when he lived less than five miles away from me. Granted that’s when we were pretty convinced that each other were complete and total jerks, so that may have been part of the problem.

i’d love to get together, somehow with folks like JIM, Steve, Matt, Justin, Hetta, and a great many other folks, but somehow i don’t think that’s going to happen. Considering that i’m also appropriately phobic about posting my picture on the net, that’s also probably not going to happen.

Eh, maybe what i should do is take a picture of myself sitting in a chair in an empty room and have everyone else photoshop themselves in.

Yeah, that’s not a recipie for disaster….

Still… hmm……..

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