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isn't quite ashamed enough to present

jr conlin's ink stained banana

:: Ur Blog Rulz

For the record it’s:
82 That’s My Blogs to the mile,
302 Memoirs of Hydrogen Guys to the kilometer,
32.3 Dave’s Picks to the hogshead,
1024 Jeremy Zawodny’s Blogs to the astral unit,
(2048 Derek’s Rantings and Musings to the parsec),
27 1/2 rhapsodic.org‘s to the hectare,
2 Lynne ydw is to the cubit,
46 Matthew Davey Onlines to the decible,
and an infinite Ink Stained Banana to the lepton.

All measurements are accurate to the nearest approximation.
(Not to be used for gambling purposes)

Blogs of note
personal Christopher Conlin USMC memoirs of hydrogen guy rhapsodic.org Henriette's Herbal Blog
geek ultramookie

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