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:: We Need Your Postcards

At work we used to have a wall of postcards. While not a stupefying thing, there were around 40 or so. There were some really good ones in that mix, including some from 1960 for buildings that don’t exist anymore.

Unfortunately, our cleaning crew apparently mistook the box of cards for trash and threw them out. And there many bad words exclaimed throughout the floor.

So now i’m asking you random types to send me your postcards. Definitely G rated and preferably ones that really identify a given location (not the usual “Duck at Night” black cards or the generic bikini-babe cards you find at most ocean resorts)

Remember, that in the U.S. and a few other countries, postage for postcards is significantly less than normal letters, so don’t splurge if you don’t have to.

Ah, right, the address. Probably want that too, don’t you?

You can send them to

J R Conlin
701 First Ave
Sunnyvale CA, 95129

Just remember that sending a postcard will probably not result in you winning a fabulous prize or fulfill little Timmy’s dying wish for one more hour or dialysis, but then again, i do have some crap in my cube i could get rid of items of interest that i might relinquish for particularly interesting postcards or locations.

And yeah, i’ll see about posting up a picture or two of the spiffier ones.

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