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isn't quite ashamed enough to present

jr conlin's ink stained banana

:: If Conditions Persist, Get Help Immediately

TWO years down the hole? That’s 729 days (i’ve only missed posting on 7 of them) and something like 1500 posts. What’s more, you lot simply aren’t helping. There’s over 1900 comments from folks other than me. Don’t you realize that just encourages me? (Ok, granted, i’ve contributed nearly 500 myself which just means it’s impossible to shut me up.)

Good God, i need a life.

(Granted, not as bad as Dave does, but still…)

Oh, and for those running the pools, here are the top fifteen commentors:

comment_author cnt
Hetta 303
steveo 243
JustinPie 163
JIM 131
Matt 107
Shep 102
Lynne 102
DaveP 82
Valette 72
Josh 52
rr 36
Ghostbear 35
Glenn 33
Shepherd 26
Jeremy Zawodny 23

(As of yesterday, but considering the point spreads, i’m thinking it’s not changing anytime soon.)

Well, thank you all for your continued reading, support and therapy, even though i know you all are just waiting for me to finally crack and tell the reporters from CNN that i seemed like such a normal person.

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