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:: Angry Sky Waters

If you are to believe our local weatherguessers, today is going to be the day we all rue not building that ark.

Mind you, the natives of north-central California (ok, ALL of California) live in near constant fear of rain. We’re not just freeze dried idiots (add a little water and we all go nuts) we’re freeze dried jibbering aquaphobes.

i kid you not, the local weather monkey was advising people to set alarms for two hours earlier than normal to deal with the torrential monsoon of liquid death raining down upon us like God’s own firehose.

Personally, i expect the grand total to be something like an inch and a half of rain.

Sorry, but that’s a shower back in D.C.

When you can’t see further than fifteen feet in front of you, that’s rain.
When the six lane freeway going down hill is flooded the entire way down, that’s rain.
When Flash Flooding means seeing a BMW drift a few parking spots before the water subsides, that’s rain.

i expect it to be wet, people to panic and drive themselves into each other in the panic driven fury that having to use your windshield wipers on something other than intermitant. But am i concerned about the rain? No.

Call me when the sewer-covers float away.

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