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:: Vacuums Suck

Nothing breaks an afternoon’s concentration like having your wife coughing, sneezing, and swearing in a cloud of dust, brought about mostly because it was her turn to clean out the vacuum cleaner.

i don’t blame her, but then again, she brought this upon herself.

We used to have a few old vacuums that eventually gave up their respected ghosts because, let’s face it, most vacuum cleaners aren’t really built all that well. So when it got to the point where she needed a new one, she looked around at what was available. She decided on one of those bagless varieties, partly against my advice that bagless really wasn’t the best option.

Anyone who’s replaced a vacuum cleaner bag knows the kind of dust those buggers produce. Now imagine not having that bag and it’s generally confining ability to contain dust and you get some idea of what a bagless jobber is like. i have no idea why they make such a big deal about having HEPA filters on the things when that all goes out (or potentially back in) the window when you empty out the thing.

i’m sure there’s some trick to dealing with the things (Like wrap the filter in an old grocery bag before knocking out the accumulated dust and what-not, but even with a perfect system where you don’t have to knock crap out of the primary intakes, don’t you still have a few ounces of fine particulate being dumped into the local atmosphere?

Thing is, it’s not all that easy to find bag vacuum cleaners. Actually, it’s darn near impossible to find a decent canister vacuum, i’m still waiting for the inevitable backlash that talks about the new Wonder-Velope self contained dust system where you simply “pull and pitch” the particulate containment system. No more dust-clouds!

Don’t you love pendulums? Good thing they work in vacuums too.

(P.S. yes, i know this is a day late. i forgot to hit the publish button yesterday.)

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