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:: I Finally Get Not Getting Podcasts

Now i get it! i finally understand! Now i completely comprehend why it is that the allure of podcasts slipped me by. And it should be no surprise that the answer came to me while i was listening to my MP3 player.

Well, more importantly, my Zen micro. You know, one of the ones with a built in radio.

First off, i’m lucky enough to live in an area with pretty good radio, and a lot of it. There’s a great PBS station that runs shows from NPR/PRI/AMI and others, there’s a bunch of little college stations, and a plethora of stations that run the gauntlet from jazz to bubble gum to acid punk and Spanish hair metal. If i ever tire of listening to whatever tracks i’ve got on my Zen, i can pop over to radio to listen to something i might like, or at least find a reason to go back to the tracks.

Secondly (and fairly importantly), i’ve got a radio. All those sheep folks with iPods sure do look cool, but they’re cut off from the sort of communications that they’re used to having. That’s why they’re finding recordings of guys in their basement talking about how Podcasts will rule the world or pulling down copies of Battle of the 24 Network Superstar Lost Survivors:Miami for a buck a pop or whatever the hell they’re pulling off of iTunes and slapping onto their PSPs. They have paid the price of being their own media island.

i’m sure that the guys with satellite radio hookups are probably also thinking the same thing (well, unless they go into a dead zone, then they’re thinking words that only a few stations will air).

Granted, in another location or with another device, i might actually see the value to them, but i sure as heck don’t now. i like having my news and weather on the eights, listening to current events and knowing what the emergency broadcast signal sounds like.

i should probably record one of those for them, i’m sure it would be incredibly popular.

Or it would at least explain why i started running toward the hills like that.

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