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isn't quite ashamed enough to present

jr conlin's ink stained banana

:: I’d Like To Ignore The Little People…

It’s award season, and once again, i’m proud to announce that the Ink Stained Banana is once again, nominated for the Most Consistently Unnominated Blog of 2005. While i doubt that i’ll garner anything like Dave‘s Lack of Lifetime Achievement Award (congrats on that Dave. Here’s hoping you either one day actually win something, or continue your near perfect record of not winning anything), nor will i ever hope to reach Steve‘s level of Most Widely Read Unknown Blog (2003, 2004), it’s my hope that i will garner the insufficient votes to take home the Mythical Golden Box o’ Nuthin’ this year. Or the M’gbonny as it’s affectionally known.


Makes me proud … in a bitter, spiteful sort of way, it does.

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