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:: In Case Anyone’s Curious…

Nope, didn’t go see Tom. Sorry, just not interested. Didn’t see Arnie either. Doesn’t really sound like i missed anything other than a live version of Inside the Actors Studio.

Anyone that doesn’t think Google is a portal needs to cut back on the Koolaid. They’re a portal. They no longer want you to leave, and are actively looking for ways to keep you on Google properties as long as you can. Including making your portfolio tied to your never logged out GCookie. (Better not check that site from a public terminal.) i predict graphical ads on non-search related properties within a year (including GFinance, GLocal and probably Gmail too). Why? Graphical ads are proven to do better than the easily ignorable text ones. If they weren’t why would Google roll them out for the Adsense folks? “Punch the Monkey” is at least a few years off for them though, thank God.

“Portal” is absolutely the worst word for what “portals” are. They’re not doorways, they’re tarpits, with ads. Probably too hard to sell that, though.

Russ is damn right. Public “Betas” are for pussies. Version one or no Version one, there is no Beta. Not really sure i agree with the other points, though. i think religion does play a factor in the buying decisions of both of those companies. (e.g. the shuffle won because it was a cheap MP3 player that worked with the successful iTunes, which is a closed system that only Apple can access and heavily used and promoted by religious Apple types, therefore of course it wins.)

Good Rodney, i hate Coldplay. Alot. Like the kind of hate i’d reserve for an Oasis/Creed double header with N*Sync opening. As in “wanna-know-why-i-don’t-go-into-record-stores? This-is-why.” sort of loathing. (Ok, i’m listening to a few other stations to see if i can expand my music knowledge and the freaking ‘Drive A Spike Through Their Head’ button doesn’t work when i do that.)

s’bout it.

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