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:: Y!CoolThing

Oh yeah, i’m hosting another blog. Y!CoolThing

It be a blog by a bunch of us to tell you about stuff that is buried deep in Yahoo.
So, a few questions:

1) Why? Well, why not. We’re not marketing guys, we’re engineers. We use this stuff every day, know it better than most anybody and are kinda proud of it. i don’t want to do press releases, we want to show off.

2) No, seriously. Why? Seriously. Look, there are over seventy-five different areas of Yahoo, ranging from news and finance to horoscopes and pets. Heck, i’ve been working there for years and i’m constantly finding new crap. This is where some of us can share some of that. Think of it as a spelunking guide.

3) Great, so a marketing page. Nope, read number one again. i personally will filter out buzzwords and probably get reamed out because i replaced “Consumer Enablement” with “Lets you do stuff”. Ah hell, who’m i kidding? There are tons of official Yahoo! blogs, this is about as unofficial as they get. i expect to get shut down within a week.

Ah well, go check it out if you like. i’m adding it to the side of my blog.

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