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:: Not Closing Up


Well, once again proving that he was ahead of the curve, Steve~o is not alone.

Granted, this is not surprising, blogging is passe and folks are realizing that it’s not quite as easy as they thought. Now they’re turning off the ol’ CB and realizing that getting the complete collection of ABBA on 8-track maybe wasn’t such a good idea.

Sad to say, i’m not one of them. This is therapy for me, and i consider this to be pretty much the same as sitting down at a piano and practicing my scales. i love writing, and do it a helluva lot. This is merely one venue for it.

Yes, i really ought to spend more time writing more creatively, but that takes more time than i currently seem to have. It takes hours to come up with a story, it takes 10 minutes for me to write a blog post, and frankly, this gets more attention than the stories ever did.

So sorry to disappoint, but i’m not even thinking about stopping. i’m no longer forcing myself to post something daily, but as you can see, i seem to come up with something anyway.

As this sites motto goes: “Getting the monkey to start typing is easy. Getting him to stop is what’s difficult.”


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