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Ok, i’ve had it.

MyWeb, that service that i generally sing the generally unsung praises of? i’ve stopped singing.

In fact, the more clever of you may note that i’ve already switched stuff over to using del.icio.us.

Why the sudden change of heart? Well, to put it bluntly, i got fed up with trying to convince MyWeb to do what i want. Now, i get to try and convince Del.icio.us to do it. Notably, share my links in the right sidebar the way that i want them to, with descriptions.

Of course, switching everything over to del.icio.us is a painful battle. Although i can easily export MyWeb links out of MyWeb and into del.icio.us, all 47 pages of those newly included links are marked private, and no, it’s by design that there’s no way to swap them over to public consumption. Also, while MyWeb helpfully includes tags that are comma delimited, del.icio.us uses spaces and kinda chokes on them. Bad. So i’ll be cleaning up those tags as i can.

On the other hand, del.icio.us is FAR more widely used than MyWeb ever is. That means more stuff is set up to use it. i’ll probably write up a little greasemonkey script to add del.icio.us searches to my Y!Search results so i can get that increadibly useful feature back.

Am i completely divorcing myself from MyWeb? No, probably not. The search history is kinda nice to have, as is the ability to snapshot a page, and there are a few other things. i prefer to think of it more like ‘having an illicit affair on the ice queen bitch’.

Hmm… perhaps a court ordered separation is due.

Hmm… since network links are FAR more interesting than the crap i usually find on my own, and since it’s not really that easy for me to find you, can you note your del.icio.us account in the comments if i’ve not already found you? thanks!
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