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:: Feeling Special

i admit that i’m both paranoid and highly skeptical, so i tend not to be really good with compliments.

In fact, i usually think that folks are lying. You know, kinda like how you say nice things to the kid that spent all day drawing a picture of… something… you have no idea what it is (“Why thank you Billy, that’s a very nice killer whale driving a pinto into a bus full of World War Two veterans… Oh, sorry, of course it’s a picture of your sister. How could i not see that?”) You smile, nod, say some nice words and hope that he goes away.

Maybe give him a hug and a cookie. That sort of thing.

Still, i don’t mind doing things like the Hack Day we did today. (Granted, i worked most of it so i missed about 50 of the 123 hacks that were presented.) i’m also kinda happy that i had a chance to show off some of the hacks that i did, including one i’m going to tell you about.

i like simple. i like simple a lot. What’s more important to me is that simple be, well simple.
Simple shouldn’t involve a multi-field form, entering in the destination URL, having an account, and copying content to a web page. Simple should be… well… simple.

So, if you wanted to put a javascript map on your web page, you should be able to do that by putting some simple code on your page, say, like:
<script id="ysnapmap" type="text/javascript" src="http://unitedheroes.net/hacks/snapmap/snapmap.js"
address="williams rd and saratoga rd san jose ca"

In fact, if you don’t want to be HTTP compliant, you can specify these like
<script id="ysnapmap" type="text/javascript" src="http://unitedheroes.net/hacks/snapmap/snapmap.js">
address:williams rd and saratoga rd san jose ca

but that doesn’t work 100% right on blogs and stuff that converts quotes or adds line breaks.

And what you get is:

Oh yeah, and everything is optional, even the address. Granted, if you don’t specify one, i do and that’d be silly.
As for zoom levels, they’re pretty much the same ones that you see on http://maps.yahoo.com and go world, country, state, city, street, house.


Huh. For whatever reason the nearby stuff isn’t showing up in IE. It’s probably something to do with the blog since they show up fine on the test page (which uses the same code). i’ll try to debug it later and see what’s going on.
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