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isn't quite ashamed enough to present

jr conlin's ink stained banana

:: Lunch 2.0


In the main lobby is a sign informing all that “Lunch 2.0 is in Training Rooms 1 & 2”.

Granted, i was holding my 1.0 lunch (small salad, bag of chips and a diet SoBe) at the time so i was obviously not part of this announcement, but that didn’t stop me and the other folks standing around from speculating what it might be:

  1. A large buffet spread crafted out of PlayDoh. (real food comes after the beta)
  2. A set of empty plates for you to place your own food on, and have everyone else eat it.
  3. Strikingly similar to an existing type of lunch, except that it’s got more pastels and is currently unavailable.
  4. and my personal favorite:

  5. A bunch of folks handing out lobsters and steaks to whoever wants them and saying how they’ll worry about who pays for it later.

Wonder when it’ll show up on TechCrunch?

Ian points out that this is actually pretty cool and just proves how deep a whole i’ve been living in lately. It’s about learning new stuff and less about dithered mirror effects in photoshop.

i’m gonna have to sign up for a few of these in the future.

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