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:: Of Metaphorical Escalators

Back in college, i was in a bad relationship. i didn’t know it at the time, but it was horrible. Fortunately, that relationship ended and soon i was on to better and better relationships that culminated in the perfect relationship i have with my wife. (i don’t say “perfect” lightly either. There is no one else i could imagine being married to. There are things i’d love to change, but those are minor and probably not worth it in the long run.)

It’s odd how often i find that same pattern repeating itself. (i deal with crap for far longer than i realize, solve the problem and suddenly reap the benefits of a crap free lifestyle.)

Even better is when i get a cold call from a head-hunter and can honestly tell them “Thanks, but there is absolutely nothing you could possibly offer me that would make me want to leave. Particularly now.” Even better when they roll off a bunch of possible offers and, you were still right. Nothing could lure you away.

Hopefully, details to follow.

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