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:: Continuing From Last

Well, i guess that enough folks now know that i can be a bit more public about it. i’ve been asked to join the YDN group, joining Chad, Jeremy, Kent, Leonard, Ginger, Mary-Ann, and the Professor in trying to convince the planet that all the cool things in the world don’t always come from Mountain View. i’m going to be working on a lot of backend and mid-end stuff, so don’t expect me to show up as part of any speaking engagements. (Well, other than a random heckler.)

Yes, a TechnoAtheist is entering the camp of a bunch of TechnoEvangelists, but with any hope, the spiky clubs will remain unused.

Oddly, i’m kinda bummed that i’ll be leaving Y!Local, since everyone in that group resoundingly “gets it”. i still think that if Local was a Web 2.0 start up, it would rule the local space, and that a lot of folks really haven’t figured out all the amazing stuff you can do with a fully indexed, rated, and shared set of every business in the US and Canada. (Yes, the internationals are definitely coming, there’s just some back end issues that need be addressed, and some of those involve lawyers).

Still, working with a group like YDN has kind of been a life-long dream of mine. i like making connections, putting people who need stuff with stuff that needs people, using tech in interesting, unusual, bizarre and possibly weird-ass ways, and poking around with new things to see how we can take advantage of that. YDN are pretty much all about that.

Should be fun.

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