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:: Morale And Lack There Of

Not too long ago, Ryan noted that he was feeling grumpy. Before that, Jeremy did.

i think i know how they feel.

i’ve been in a near constant state of “angry” and “depressed” with occasional spikes of “profoundly grumpy”. Granted, things at work haven’t really helped. Well, except for the few times they have.

Ok, this is getting really confusing.

The deal is that (surprise!) morale at work pretty much sucks. It’s kinda strange, really, since we’re doing a bunch of stuff and poking around with a bunch of things that should really build up morale. It’s just not really working because every time we feel reasonably happy about something, there’s some story that gets press about how much we suck. Yeah, i’m old enough to realize that press (and in particular stock analysts) know that kicking a guy when they’re down sells, but that doesn’t make the boots any fluffier. Bad morale shows up in stupid ways too, like when a feature was suddenly shut down and the response i got back from the team responsible for it was “meh”.

Part of me is looking for a pat on the head and a promise that things will be alright. The greater part of me is looking for the “pat” to be from a foot, and the head to be located at the opposite side of my torso. That part wants me (and everyone else) to grow up and do something about it.

Still doesn’t help my mood much.

And no, i’m not going to go out and buy myself an iPhone either. i’ll just wait a few more months when they’re free.

What helps, oddly, are the times i get out and talk to people outside of the company. That’s when i realize that we don’t suck anywhere near as much as i think we do and there are tons of ways that we can still make a difference in people’s lives.

So, excuse me if i don’t post up a helluva lot lately. i’m still here. Just waiting for something to boost my mood.

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