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:: Deed Done, On To Flix

As of 1530 this afternoon (PDT) i am officially no longer a Yahoo! employee.

This, of course, means updating my various on line profiles, excusing myself from some groups, and possibly replacing at least one license plate frame on my car with something a tad more generic (Maybe i’ll stop off at Fry’s and get one that quotes French philosophy.)

i’ve dropped my “buccaneer” letter to the appropriate internal group, and now it’s up to them to do something with it.

So what now? Well, right now i’m probably heading south on Lawrence Expressway towards the bank to make a sizable deposit. Immediately afterwards, i’ll head home and enjoy the rest of the day off. Then it’s two weeks to work on a side project to see if i can do it, learn Java and then come July 7th, i’ll be working for Netflix.

No, i won’t get you a deal for free unlimited rentals, or figure out how to get you movies faster. i am going to try to convince them (somehow) that killing off profiles the way they intend isn’t the best idea, but that’s beside the point. i’m not totally sure i can go into great, gory detail about what i’ll be doing for them (other than drawing little sad faces on the envelopes when you put the DVD in wrong), but i’ll tell you that it’s going to be both a refreshing change and a chance to do much the same thing all at the same time.

So why switch jobs? Again, mostly personal reasons, but ultimately, i wanted to work in an environment where i could use damn near every API out there without a weird feeling of guilt. There are some incredibly cool things being produced that i’m very excited to work with. There’s also a fair bit of evil to be done and i’m just the guy to do it. (Well, ok. More like wreaking constructive chaos than “evil”. i’ll be building things with a notable lack of freshly reaped puppy souls.)

Needless to say, i’m damn excited to join up with them and get to work, but i know i need to take some time to decompress and detox.

So yeah, that’s the last big secret. Wonder if that will get me added to the TechCrunch departure board next to Abe Vigoda? Heck, even managed to land my second major media mention.

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