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i am not feeling the olympic spirt.

Mind you, according to the rules of said multinational sporting event currently being held in China, i’m not allowed to use the “O” word in reference to their games, so instead i’ll refer to the spirit of the home of the Greek Pantheon, whom i seldom feel the presence of.

That aside, i’m also not really feeling the thrill of watching a bunch of folks who’ve spent the better part of their lives training endlessly for a two or three minute event only to spend the rest of their lives wondering why. Sorry, just not really into it. i’ve tried a few times in the past to watch the thrill of victory and agony of defeat, but inevitably decide to flip over to something more interesting on the Discovery Channel or PBS or maybe just go out and ride my bike. i’m not saying that the athletes don’t perform amazingly and who’s efforts will stand the test of time. It’s just that it’s going to most likely be “some” instead of “all” and considering that most of the folks that get the Au also break the previous record.

This year, i’m not even going to try to pay attention. i may check the stats in a few months to see if i need to remember the answer to a trivia question “Really? Latvia won the pole vault this year?” but that’s about it. Heck, about the only thing that looked moderately interesting was one bit of the opening ceremony where there were a few hundred drummers, and mostly because i was wondering if those things would be showing up at WalMart’s next month.

Anyone else interested?

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