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:: Calling Bullshit on the Bullshit Calling

[The following contains swearing. A lot of it. You’ve been warned.]

This Article pisses me off. Actually, no, it reminds me how dumb my generation tends to be.

Hi, i’m in my late 40s. i entered the workforce in the late 80s during the recession this article mentioned. i lucked out and managed to get a job in the Defense sector, making me a cold warrior for the first part of my career, where i was woefully underpaid, but still worked long hours “keeping our nation safe”. My jaw still drops when i hear folks venerate the same guy that created Trickle Down Economics and was a non-stop gaffe machine. Still, i put up with it all, because at least i had a job, and i wasn’t in control.

i got older, as did the rest of the folks in my generation.

For the next 20 years we all did what we could. We built a lot of stuff, did a lot of things, and now we’re still not willing to take the blame for any of it.

Yes, blame.

Need i remind you that most of your favorite villains are GenXer’s? Sure, some congress critters are, but the driving thrust of the Tea Party are all in their 40s, as are a good number of those out-of-work physicists that went to go work for Wall Street companies and concocted the whole credit-default swap crap. Take a look at those pictures of the douchebags looking down at the protests while sipping champagne, they ain’t 60 year olds, bucko. We have no right to say “Shut up” about the bullshit. We’re providing just as much as anyone else is, quite possibly, we’re the current source of it.

Frankly, if you’re of the age where you remember watching Saturday Morning Cartoons or hanging out in a video arcade. The current mess is YOUR problem to fix. You’ve sat on your collective asses long enough, start doing something. Run for goddamn office, you’re old enough. You’re also probably managers and hiring agents, how’s about turning some of that profit into jobs? For that matter, since you’re also stock holders and hedge fund managers, how about rewarding companies that think longer than 3 months? You idiots invented day trading and micro holding, cut that shit out and go back to the way that stocks are SUPPOSED to be used. You know, as investments in companies that are rewarded through dividends. Oh yeah, and pay your fucking taxes.

Yes, we had it hard. Guess what? We’ll continue to do so. We’re grown ups now and we’re supposed to be thinking of something other than ourselves.

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