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:: On Balance

i’m pretty sure the last movie i sat and watched was “How to Train Your Dragon”. Partly because it was on during one of those free preview days and i figured i’d record it. About two months later, i got around to watching it because i was sick. There are a couple of other movies clogging up my DVR that i should also consider watching. Maybe.

i’ll also note that i have no idea what the currently popular story lines are for most TV shows, or who’s leading in what reality game show, or whatever.

Truth be told, if the TV is on, there are about 5 shows i regularly record and watch, otherwise it’s local news and weather.

This doesn’t mean that i sit in a cave, it means that i just find the internet far more entertaining than the latest steam-punk, high action adventure of some previously public domain work (that was better in the original form anyway). My wife is kind of the same way, and she watches far more TV than i do.

i know that this scares big media. To be honest, if i were in the business of making sure that the limited content i produce is under my strict control, i would be too. i think the worst part is that the internet also shows that creativity is actually pretty cheap. There are millions of great ideas out there (along with the trillions of horrible ones), and the “wisdom of the crowds” helps do what a lot of studios used to do. We no longer need professional filters. Amateur ones work pretty well.

Granted, there’s an easy model that studios could adopt that would guarantee that they stay profitable and useful for decades, but it’s not my job to tell them, and considering their constant attempts to kill what i find far more interesting than them, i’m sure as hell not going to help them.

For now, i’ll just ask a question that’s been bothering me since i first heard about ePARASITE, SOPA, and the other Death to the Free Net bills that are out there: In light to what the Internet has contributed to society, what has the MPAA and RIAA done to improve things in the past 30 years?

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