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:: Oh Crap–py Holidays!

Right now. Right this very instant. Just minutes before you read this, i realized that i have not sent out my (ab)normal array of Holiday cards. i’m mildly panicking at the moment, realizing that i don’t even have any sort of idea what i can do instead. Hell, i don’t know if i have everyone’s address. Folks have moved around a fair bit this year and i have the organizational skills of a meth fueled molerat.


How the hell did this happen? i mean Christmas is obviously early for a holiday that has a fixed calendar date, but normally i’m slightly better about these sorts of things.

That’s why i am unilaterally declaring January 15th to be Holy Shitsmas. The traditional holiday were folks (hopefully) receive cards from me that may have been purchased at the 50% off table, and if they don’t they can rest assured that folks who now live at their a previous address of theirs are either deeply confused and/or offended.

It’s not that you’re not important, quite the opposite. If you weren’t important, you wouldn’t get a made up holiday designed to sorta/kinda appease you. Think of this as bucking the trend of over commercializing the holiday along with a gentle reminder of the joy you’re supposed to be having right now as you also sprint around trying to make sure you’ve not forgotten most of the folks you actually have.

Plus, the post office could probably use the money.

So, Holy Oshitsmas to you, and a grovelly New Year!

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