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isn't quite ashamed enough to present

jr conlin's ink stained banana

:: Being John Whatsisname


Oh, Hi! How are you doing?

Crap, i can’t remember this guy’s name. i haven’t seen him in over a month and i swear my brain keeps info for less time that an Air Traffic controller at O’Hare. Think, think, who the hell is this again?

Good seeing you. i was down in the area again and was just walking around.

Dammit, ok, so he’s a remotie. Perfect. That means that i may have only actually met him twice in my life. Well, go for the general small talk route, i guess.

Wait, he’s talking to the guy that wrote Javascript. Ok, this is someone more important. Wait, they’re talking about FuncLib? Oh Holy Hell, He is important and there are things i need to talk to him about. But he’s smart, like REALLY smart. Like the kind of person who can probably focus their mind enough to fry ants with theoretical physics or something. Think, you stupid simian, what’s this guy’s name!?!

Wait, so the FuncLib stuff is all solid and working? That’s awesome. You’ve been working on that for years!

Yep, really happy about it. Got a few smaller issues to deal with, but otherwise it’s great. Want to see a demo?

Of course i do! Wow, this is fantastic, have you heard about some of the stuff that the XYZ team is working on that could really use this?

Wow, this IS awesome. The XYZ team would cream themselves to have this. So would Ryan. Ok, so now we know what he’s been working on. Neato! There’s only a few names tied to that project.

… If i could only remember any of them…

… i’m an idiot.

i’d love to help out, but there’s another guy named Ryan who would be better suited to pitch in.

Fantastic! i’d love the help. Send me an email with his contact info.


Great talking with you as always. i’ve got to get to a meeting, but we’ll catch up, right!

You bet. i’ll send out that email as soon as i can…

…get into the company phone book and remember your name. Please don’t fry me with your massive focused intellect. i can feel my schoolbus losing seats. Bob? John? Mike? Think you sponge, think.

Oh yeah, and that other guy you work with that has a bunch of monogrammed shirts? Thank him the next time you see him.

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