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:: RepScore

Do you know your RepScore?

i’m on fairly good terms with my Real Estate agent. He’s smart, has a great contact list and unlike a lot of folks in his profession (sadly), he is a professional. That means that he thinks about this as a career, not a means to an end. i got a chance to talk with him today and we both keyed on a rather interesting point.

i’d been thinking about how there’s a weird diminishing return on my reviews of places, while a lot of folks are (frankly) abusing things to get unwarranted favorable treatments.

He noted that with sites like AirB&B, it’s not only important for you to look at the reviews for where you’re staying, but for the folks that are opening their home to you to know about your history as well. That’s when it hit me that i can easily see a future where you have a Reputation Score to maintain, kind of like you have a Credit Score now.

Better people have better scores, and worse ones have worse scores. The score could be generated from things like review feedback, vendor responses and other aspects of life like the way you drive. Yes, there will be ways to “game” the system, as well as ways to avoid it, just like there are ways to game and avoid your credit score. Want to be a F*ckwad? Be anonymous, but understand that if you’re a raging F*ckwad, folks might take the extra effort to tie it back to you. Kind of like how a criminal record will effect your credit rating.

Being a privacy wonk, i’m on the fence about this. Sure, i’d prefer if this sort of thing didn’t come to pass, but i’d be a moron if i didn’t think we weren’t on the road to it happening. On the other hand, if this information was accessible, standardized and there was an effective challenge channel in place, it would make these sort of personal tracking that’s already being done more transparent to you.

Heh, i have seen the Big Brother, and He is Us.

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