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:: The Browser’s Dilemma

So, let’s play a game, shall we?

Let’s say that you’re a fairly popular browser maker that is built and focused on users. Everything you do is focused on making the web a better place, and generally doing the right thing. In fact, the mantra of this organization is to make the web knowable (so you have the opportunity to understand any aspect), usable (so you’re not restricted about what you want to do) and really, yours.

Then, there’s a policy that’s released by a governing body for the web, that’s… problematic. In essence, it restricts what you can do by imposing controls set by someone else. It doesn’t matter what those are or the rationale, because you know full well it won’t be restricted to what the original folks said it would. You know that it’s a bad idea, and that it’ll cause all sorts of problems.


There’s this thing. There are other browser out there that are just fine with the idea. And so they’re all for going ahead and doing the bad idea.

So, then there are folk out there. They don’t care about ideas. They want to see the things that are restricted. Their kids are crying and want to see the restricted stuff.

Do you take the high road and say “No”, knowing full well that the folks that want to see the restricted stuff will simply use another tool that’s not “broken”, or do you swallow your pride, do the bad thing, and hope that you can some how illuminate to folks why this is such a bad idea while they’re still paying attention to you

Be happy that it’s a theoretical thing for you.

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