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:: Latest Trip Learnings

i’ve learned a few things from the latest trip:

  1. If i’m not 100% positive i’ll need the laptop, don’t bring it. Just bring the 7″ tablet and phone and you’ll do just fine.
  2. When most relatives are asking for “A Beer”, they want lightly carbonated, slightly alcoholic seltzer water.
  3. While the fancy work bag looks nice and is nice for the daily commute, get a bag that can also hold a sandwich when traveling.
  4. GSM is FAR more battery friendly than CDMA.
  5. A pair of high quality earbuds on a plane are things of wonder and delight.
  6. 6-10 year olds are like non-routable continuous connection protocols. They will find one thing and flock to it en mass regardless of however many other things are present. This includes machines, uncles, balls, etc.
  7. While most modern rentals have USB ports and AUX plugs (finally), none will have a spot you can stuff a phone without it sliding all over the dash. Get a jelly pad, stuff it in a zip-lock bag and swear about all the weird curves car makers insist dashboards be nowadays. (NOTE: DO NOT LEAVE THIS COOK INTO DASH ON HOT DAYS.)
  8. Just buy toiletries when you get there.
  9. Tie your shoes with a TSA Hitch, and you’ll get through show time with the least amount of swearing.
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