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SAN JOSE — The following is a statement by J R Conlin, Guy who understands the internet and how things actually work on the so-called statement regarding “Blackout Day” by the Chairman, CEO, Ex-Senator, and Mortgage expert, Chris Dodd.

“Only the day before Internet Blackout Day, after the White House, various Internet professionals, and pretty much the rest of the planet has stood up and say <expletive> NO! to a hastily cobbled together, slap dash, obvious power grab being rushed through congress from two fronts, Mr. Dodd and company are saying how this is unfair. Because they obviously know how to play fair.

Granted, the sites most prominently calling for citizens to come to their rescue are the sites that would be most directly effected by the bills that Mr. Dodd wants to rocket through our elected representatives so that they can shut down the phantasmal threats that they see, must like previous threats that needed immediate action lest his industry suffer forever.

Still, how does one react to the fact that Mr. Dodd’s own reaction was a statement, dictated to a secretary, and drafted as a document “published” on the internet, without option for public comment or discussion? Quite possibly with the un-typed “Your’s sincerely, yadda yadda, type that up and post it up for those low lifes will you sweetheart?”. Maybe accented by the clatter of ice cubes in his glass as a subtle reminder that his gin also needs topping.

i think that description pretty much sums it up.

And frankly, he can go get stuffed.”

About JR Conlin
He’s just some guy, but one that bets he’s done more for the benefit of society that Mr. Dodd.

# # #

For more information, contact:

Your Elected Representative
In Congress
And let them know that SOPA and PIPA are horrible.

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