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:: Dave Is a God

i’d just like to point out that Dave Polashek has been maintaining his blog for seven years, vaulting him into the upper echelons of crotchety old voices on the internet.

Dave first gained noteriety after his stunning expose of the Lincoln Douglas debates where he first brought up the Stovepipe Issue that lead to Lincoln’s staggering lead in the mid polls, but this was not his only foray. He was also the first tele-blog to offer open comments, although this was later shut down due to the several hour broadcast times for after the “Teapot Dome” spamming attack.

Dave was also one of the first bloggers invited to Malta, where he was referred to by Winston Churchhill as “that damnable meade fellow” (although it was frequently noted that Churchhill made frequent subsequent comments about how he wished he had pubs half as good as First Avenue).

Yet, it wasn’t all politics and spiced wine. Dave also was one of the principle architects ensuring that the then blossoming ARPAnet had protocols compatible with future Macintosh OS’s and rumors are thick about his mysterious notes to a “Bjorne” regarding an object oriented language.

So on this seventh anniversary of your Weblog, we raise a toast to you, Dave. And then we put it back down again, because they’re doing a Twin’s recap and a bunch of us are taking notes for next year’s fantasy leagues.

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