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:: I… Have A Rant

Oh Man, do i have a rant. It’s sitting right there in my drafts folder just waiting to go. It’s full of pointed commentary, subtle derision, astute observation of the incredibly obvious flaws of a major product… and i can’t post it.

i mean, it’s not like it has anything to do with where i work. It doesn’t. In fact the product in question has absolutely nothing to do with where i work. But i still can’t talk about it.

Still, suffice to say that i’m now firmly convinced that well over eight million people were completely and utterly out of their fucking minds last quarter and that if i ever happen to get one of these products in my hands, i’m going to spend the next two days washing those hands in acetone and bleach. (Crap, i can’t even make a pithy comment about finally understanding the marketing efforts because that would reveal the product in question. i’ll just leave it at mindless souls writhing in agony.)


(And if you’re really curious, drop by my cube and ask. i’ll be happy to vent.)

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