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:: Voted No on 8

i try to avoid political crap on my blog, but this definitely crossed the line. (And considering how many folks i probably pissed off with the last post, might as well continue the trend.)

i voted No on 8, the “Save the Traditional Family” BS Prop currently on the ballot, and if you’re a resident of California, please do the same. (i voted via absentee ballot because i like having a record of my voting.)

Why did i vote no? Because i want your spouse to be able to visit you in the hospital. i want you to be able to leave him or her your estate. And even in a depressed economy like this, i want the two of you to be able to purchase a home.

Why do i say that instead of the crap about Suzy bringing home a copy of The King and King? Because, the issues i talk about are the ones that matter, not some other crap. i’m talking about stuff that will be prevented, not spooky bug-a-boos that might make parents who aren’t competent enough to teach their own kids uncomfy. Worse thing is that we see the same damn Proposition every couple of years because someone has a hair up their ass.

If two people want to get recognized by the State of California as an interdependent couple, that’s jim-friggin’-dandy. Churches don’t have to recognize them, just like i don’t have to recognize some dude in fancy dress as being the divine representative of God. It’s not about churches anyway. i’m also willing to believe that there won’t be loud greased up gay sex in the street outside my home for the same reason that my wife and i don’t get greased up and rut like animals on the sidewalk.

Also; this isn’t about being afraid of gay folk, this prop is just a way for one group of loud, obnoxious bastards to make life miserable for someone else they don’t like. Sanctity of marriage? Yeah, right. what was the divorce rate in the US again? (i’ll even toss in that all my Pro 8 neighbors are not only nicely conservative, but divorced.)

The other reason i’ve voted No on 8? The non-stop parade of ads.

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