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:: The Aftermath

Right, so Obama is in.

i’ll note that this means “we” (those that supported his candidacy) just got pole position. Now the race really begins.

It’s now up to us to make sure that Obama sticks to his announced agenda unless there is clear, abundant and irrefutable proof otherwise. It’s now up to us to start realizing that we can’t just spend trillions on things and expect to never have to pay for them. It’s now up to us to realize that we are not going to get everything we want but will get what we can compromise for. It’s now up to us to prove that this wasn’t as bad as some folks will attempt to make it. It’s now up to us to realize that some folks will not change their mind and in the best of cases will only begrudgingly admit that things aren’t as screwed up as we expected.

i expect there to be a swarm of the same sort of stickers stuck on the back of Hybrid vehicles, slightly tweaked, and appearing on SUVs. i expect America to be again held hostage on certain radio shows while folks talk about how life was so much better until the Dems got control. i expect that while troops will not be as narrowly deployed in the future, there will still be plenty of call for the World’s Self Ordained Police Force.

My most fervent dream is that we would elect someone willing to make really unpopular decisions in order to get us back to where we need to be. Someone willing to treat us as a nation of grown ups, with the risks, pains, and joys that go with that. Willing to note our failures are as important as our successes because that’s how we can improve. Willing to realize that the world changes and the best way to live is to surround yourself with happy people. Willing to realize that violence is an act of last resort, and that the best way to avoid a bad situation is to ensure there are other options.

Sadly, none of those have been terribly popular in the past, and i suspect they’ll continue not to be in the future. It takes a lot of effort to build something. It’s far too easy to destroy it.

Am i hopeful for the future? Of course. Am i skeptical? You bet. We’re talking politics here, but there’s the opportunity for us to make a difference.

Just don’t forget that “us” means you and i as well as everyone else.

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