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:: Cold Called by Terrorists

Last night, i was contacted by a terrorist organization.

i have to admit, i’m not exactly sure how they got my information, nor do i understand why they were interested in me, but sure enough, i got a call from “Out of Area”. Thinking it might be my sister-in-law who’s phone occasionally comes up like that, my wife answered and was told that the caller wanted to speak to me. That’s when a rather tired, low level telephone operator told me to stay on the line for a message for a recorded statement and a one question poll.

That’s when i heard the apparent ringleader of this terrorist cell, Dick Durbin, tell me how he is opposed to justice, favors torture, and is seeking to aide overseas terrorist recruiting operations.

Ok, even if that really was the Senator from Illinois, he didn’t come out and say any of those. Instead the recording went on about how he’s opposed to closing Gitmo, doesn’t want alleged torture investigations to continue, and how we’re all going to die horribly at the hands of the Unitard-Bomber. Even before he got to the sales pitch about some other “like minded” organization that wants my money to keep the children safe, i realized something. In effect, he was frightening imagery and the threat of personal harm in order to scare me into agreeing with him. He was invoking terror for personal or political gain. He was a terrorist.

i’ll note that not all terrorists stuff explosives into articles of clothing and try to set them of at 30,000 feet. Those that remember the IRA battles remember that the vast majority of terrorist activities involved posing the threat or taking credit for an action (often dozens of organizations will take credit for an attack). Often trying to influence folks far beyond the area they can best reach, say, like calling residents of a state a thousand or so miles away and trying to convince them they’re not far more likely to die in an accident on the way to the airport than while in flight. (This is why it’s important to learn math, kids.)

Still, it kind of saddens me that we have so many terrorists deeply embedded in our media, society and governing bodies. But at least i’m taking a stand against them.

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