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:: Voted No on 8

i try to avoid political crap on my blog, but this definitely crossed the line. (And considering how many folks i probably pissed off with the last post, might as well continue the trend.)

i voted No on 8, the “Save the Traditional Family” BS Prop currently on the ballot, and if you’re a resident of California, please do the same. (i voted via absentee ballot because i like having a record of my voting.)

Why did i vote no? Because i want your spouse to be able to visit you in the hospital. i want you to be able to leave him or her your estate. And even in a depressed economy like this, i want the two of you to be able to purchase a home.

Why do i say that instead of the crap about Suzy bringing home a copy of The King and King? Because, the issues i talk about are the ones that matter, not some other crap. i’m talking about stuff that will be prevented, not spooky bug-a-boos that might make parents who aren’t competent enough to teach their own kids uncomfy. Worse thing is that we see the same damn Proposition every couple of years because someone has a hair up their ass.

If two people want to get recognized by the State of California as an interdependent couple, that’s jim-friggin’-dandy. Churches don’t have to recognize them, just like i don’t have to recognize some dude in fancy dress as being the divine representative of God. It’s not about churches anyway. i’m also willing to believe that there won’t be loud greased up gay sex in the street outside my home for the same reason that my wife and i don’t get greased up and rut like animals on the sidewalk.

Also; this isn’t about being afraid of gay folk, this prop is just a way for one group of loud, obnoxious bastards to make life miserable for someone else they don’t like. Sanctity of marriage? Yeah, right. what was the divorce rate in the US again? (i’ll even toss in that all my Pro 8 neighbors are not only nicely conservative, but divorced.)

The other reason i’ve voted No on 8? The non-stop parade of ads.

:: Why I’m Against the Bail-Out

A) We don’t have any money.

We’re going to have to borrow to get the $700+ billion. This, on top of the money we’ve borrowed in the past, pushing our debt to truly insane levels. We already owe more than any other country on the planet, and this would nearly double that amount.

We are destitute.

We have no money.

And frankly, we need something like this to wake up. We don’t ask enough questions about things. We’re not cynical or skeptical enough by any stretch. We’ve been living off the kindness of strangers so damn long that we’ve forgotten how to earn a living.

i don’t want a bailout of financial institutions. If anything, i want the government to mandate a readjustment of home property mortgage values meaning that the $1.2m McMansion you bought 120 miles from the city is now worth $200K. (Take the Materials and Labor cost to rebuild from the insurance estimates, plus averaged land value, replace the gold lined bathtubs with standard, and ca-ching: proper home value) Lose money off the deal? Too bad, so sad, but you get to keep your home (and yeah, the amount of principal paid is likewise adjusted, so no, you haven’t paid it off in full yet either). This will mean that you (and i) will lose a horrific amount of money from various trusts and funds based off of real-estate. Gone like the unsecured, unguaranteed, past performance is not an indicator of future performance, funds we signed up with declared themselves to be. It also means that should you decide to opt into the government forgiving the greed part of your home purchase decision, that’s the max price you can sell the property for. Oh dear! Looks like you’ll need to find some other way to invest for retirement, doesn’t it? i recommend savings accounts

This is why i live in a three room ranch within city limits in a nice, quiet neighborhood. Yes, my home value has been hit, and probably will be hit again, but i guarantee i’m not going to lose as much as someone who “had to live in Stockton but man, what a house i got for the money!”

There’s a reason that Gran’ma used to keep her life savings in a coffee can. It’s because she, along with most of her generation, learned a really hard lesson. Because of those lessons, you’re not out selling apples on the street corner yet, but apparently, we hadn’t learned enough to keep from doing other really stupid things.

Perhaps it’s time we got schooled again.

:: Dios Bendice América

i tend to avoid politics whenever possible, but i couldn’t help think that this was just stupid.

For those folks not in the US (a country founded by immigrants, and which is very proud of our melting pot/immigrant history), there’s a bit of a folderol regarding illegal immigrants. One side say they’re the very core of evil and must be stopped at all costs (because we’re doing such a crackerjack job with the drugs and terrorists), the other says that the undocumented entrant workers are besainted members of the community that are being unfairly singled out.

The truth, naturally is somewhere in the middle. That’s not the stupid part. No, the stupid part is the fact that a group of Latino singers recorded the national anthem (which is NOT “God Bless America”, by the way) in Spanish, and tons of folks are up in arms about it.

Yeah, that right there, is stupid.

You see, aside from the fact that the recording sucks in the same sort of over-produced, ego-ridden “We Are The World” sort of way, i could care less that a bunch of folks decided to sing my countries anthem in Spanish. i’m also not upset that someone likes my countries flag enough to wear it, or that they no longer say my preferred religion’s ceremonies in Latin. Singing a song, particularly that one, in Spanish, Swahili, Flemish or any other language means that folks can actually understand what that mystical incantation means.

Get past the first verse and you learn the song really isn’t about the flag. It’s there, but it’s about the people that the flag represents. You know the ones who were getting their asses handed to them yet somehow managed to actually win that war and bring about peace and unity. Sure, let other folks actually hear and understand that. It’s kind of a proud moment for us.

Requiring it to be sung only in English is like saying that it can only be sung by a full choir with an orchestra backing, something Mr. Hendrix didn’t feel obligated to do.

Actually, the whole thing sorta drives home a point for me. The folks that generally feel obligated to condemn any sort of thing like this generally are the folks that don’t really understand what the hell they’re defending. They’re more about the ceremony and actions than the actual content. Tell them that patriotism is about bouncing a red ball three times at noon and they’ll devote themselves to it.

Makes ya proud to be in the same country as them, don’it?

:: Road Trip (Improved)

There are two ways one can get from San Jose to LA (specificallyManhattan Beach), one is to struggle to remain awake on the 5 wondering why you’re the guy stuck behind the truck hauling green tomatoes, or you can take 101.

Since i had some extra time, i took 101 today.

i’m not planning on taking the 5 again.

It’s the same amount of time, but a far better drive. There’s views of the ocean intermingled with landscape that actually changes every ten miles. Plus, i get a chance to grab lunch at Pismo Beach. (Yes, that one, and after grabbing a bowl of chowder at Splash’s, i’m pretty sure i know the reason why Bugs was always trying to get here.) And with the fog blowing in from time to time, i think i had to run the A/C twice.

Ah well, i suppose i should keep it more my secret. Hey, if everyone else insists on driving 5, who am i to argue?

Particularly since i’m having a heluva lot more fun.

:: Obviously, No Meal Ticket

The fact that he created a propoganda video about it doesn’t really surprise me, but i’m kind of curious exactly how relaxing (or removing) mandatory meal breaks will “Improve working conditions” in the state.

Apparently, “Atta-Boy” beatings had a harder time making it through the initial PR cycle.

Yes, i know that supposedly the employee can skip the meal break to go home earlier, but let’s face it, we all know lots of places that would “frown on employees skipping out early”. Give ’em their damn break.

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